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Why do you need a custom oral appliance, splint, or guard for teeth grinding now (or needed one yesterday!)

Don’t grit your teeth and bear the painful symptoms of bruxism anymore! Our team in Eaton Rapids, led by Dr. Douglas Hoppe, has provided relief to patients with chronic teeth-grinding and TMJ symptoms from across Central Michigan. 

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Chronic bruxism is associated with damage to the teeth and dental work. As an involuntary behavior during sleep, patients may be unaware of their grinding until Dr. Hoppe suspects the condition is responsible for chips, fractures, and other damage. Symptoms of TMJ disorder often go hand in hand with this condition. Depending on your needs, bite splints or nightguards may be customized to protect your teeth, jaw joints, and other tissues, ease TMJD pain and restore comfortable chewing and overall well-being. 

Both splints and guards for bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders or dysfunction (TMJDs) represent types of oral appliances or oral appliance therapy (OAT). These appliances slip into the mouth and over the teeth. When worn as advised by Dr. Hoppe, they may be used to treat many conditions and to prevent irreversible damage to the teeth and associated structures of the mouth, jaws, and face. Splints and nightguards are frequently used interchangeably as if they are one and the same. They differ in their design and function.

Nightguards are advised mainly for patients with bruxism. Bite splints may be recommended for patients with TMJDs, often in conjunction with bruxism. Whereas nightguards function as a buffer to reduce the force placed on the teeth and restorations, splints have the added benefit of repositioning the jaw or how the opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws come in contact with each other. These adjustments help alleviate the frequency and severity of TMJD-related symptoms like chronic headaches and earaches by easing the pressure placed on and distributed through the teeth, jaws, joints, and other structures and tissues.  

Regardless of the specific type of appliance that is needed to address your concerns and prevent future damage, all such devices at our office are: 

  • Precision-fit for the most comfortable wear 
  • Associated with high patient compliance (see above – our appliances are comfortable and, in turn, get worn!)
  • Convenient, just slip them into your mouth before bed or as advised by your dentist 
  • A great value because we use durable and high-performance materials 
  • A conservative alternative to more aggressive and invasive treatments, such as surgeries to resolve chronic or severe TMJD
  • Made for travel and can be stored in a portable container 
  • Low-maintenance 

As true partners in our patients’ lifelong oral health journeys, we routinely ensure that oral appliances remain in top shape during regular dental check-ups or exams. If you suspect teeth grinding or TMJDs may be to blame for your troublesome symptoms or changes to your teeth, call (517) 667-7066 without delay to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoppe at our office Douglas Hoppe DDS in Eaton Rapids, MI. Effective, lasting pain relief awaits and starts with a thorough evaluation. 

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