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Conservative gum, and teeth contouring, Restore the beauty of your smile or achieve the smile you’ve always wanted

If you look in the mirror and can only see reddish-pink gums staring back at you, your smile may be due for cosmetic gum contouring. Likewise, you may be a great candidate for tooth contouring if you cannot get past the appearance of an overly pointy or very worn and irregularly shaped tooth. In general, gingivoplasty and enameloplasty, as gum and tooth reshaping are known, present some of the most conservative options to dramatically transform the appearance of your smile. And they are both available at the office of Douglas Hoppe DDS, in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Love your gum line again!

The gums that surround your teeth both protect and support them. However, they also play an important role in the overall appearance of our smiles. When your gums recede or pull away from the teeth, it can alter the entire appearance of your smile. Your teeth may look “too big” for the rest of your face. After all, cosmetic dentistry is all about achieving balance and harmony, which is beautiful. Likewise, when your gum line is overly “gummy” due to conditions such as hyperplasia, it can throw off those lovely proportions and symmetry. In turn, we may recommend painless and precision laser-assisted gum contouring. The tissues can be accessed and repositioned for overly gummy smiles to expose more of the crowns or the visible white parts of the teeth. 

It should also be noted that recessed gums can be a sign of gum disease. Dr. Hoppe may recommend periodontal therapies such as a “deep cleaning” (scaling and root planing) to encourage healing and reattachment of the teeth to the gums. 

Embrace enameloplasty 

Dr. Hoppe’s artistry and skill also shine when he recontours the teeth to achieve a more desirable size, shape, length, or surface. The tooth reshaping procedure generally involves using specialized dental instruments and techniques to comfortably, quickly, and precisely resolve your cosmetic concerns. While enamel does not contain nerves (so the process itself is painless), once this tissue is gone, it is gone for good. That means it is vital to trust this procedure to an experienced and talented dentist like Dr. Hoppe. 

In general, this process presents a conservative and tooth-preserving alternative to other procedures for cosmetic recontouring. These procedures include porcelain veneers and crowns, which require a slight reduction of the tooth to accommodate the veneer or crown that goes on top of the natural, prepared tooth structure. Such options, though, may be appropriate for bigger cosmetic cases or patients needing restorative dental work due to underlying problems such as dental decay.

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