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“Power” whitening to powerful and versatile veneers, cosmetic dentistry transforms your smile and well-being

A beautiful smile is clear to see. But the factors that add up to this attractive feature may be more difficult to pinpoint. Our friendly yet highly skilled team at the office of Douglas Hoppe DDS combines science and artistry to maintain or improve upon the components that make up the smile. From our office in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, we use cosmetic dentistry to transform this central feature of the face. And in doing so, we positively change how patients feel about themselves and how others perceive them. 

The qualities of a healthy, eye-catching smile

It has been said that a gorgeous face has symmetry. In fact, researchers have given this phenomenon a name: the “golden ratio.” Cosmetic dentists can use similar principles and notions when assessing and revamping the appearance of the teeth, gums, and smile. 

Excess spaces between the teeth and imperfections like chips can all contribute to the teeth on one side of the face looking different (or “asymmetrical”) from the same type of tooth on the other side of the face. 

“Youth” is a cross-cultural value. And, because pediatric patients’ teeth are largely white, stain-free teeth are associated with youthful vitality and radiance. Furthermore, aging causes the protective, white enamel to become thinner with time. The layer underneath the enamel (dentin) is naturally yellow. So, in turn, your teeth may appear yellowish or even brown or orange as time marches on.

 “Normal” mechanical “wear” or destructive behaviors (such as chronic teeth grinding) can result in chipped teeth and other surface imperfections. Changes related to aging and the long-term effects of our diet, notably excess consumption of acidic sodas and sports drinks, can also alter the natural surface and contours of the teeth. 

Last but certainly not least, you may have heard someone call an older person “long in the tooth.” This phrase refers to the process of gum recession. As you age, the gums can pull away from the teeth. Additionally, receding gums are symptoms of periodontal or gum disease. When tissue retreats, teeth can appear longer than they used to and may be out of proportion with the rest of the smile. An attractive smile is beautifully balanced; the gums “frame” the teeth well. They don’t appear too big or too little in relation to the teeth or the rest of the smile and face. 

Restoring or achieving an attractive balance 

To regain a lovely smile or correct features that have been bothersome for long as you can remember, you are at the right place! Dr. Hoppe has considerable experience and a deep interest in cosmetic dentistry procedures. He applies his technical knowledge and artistic talents to reposition teeth, reshape gums (and teeth), remove stains and stubborn discoloration, and repair a range of other imperfections. Following a thorough evaluation, Dr. Hoppe may recommend one of the following services or a combination of the options below for a full-mouth smile makeover!

  • Porcelain veneers or composite dental bonding to cover up chips, excess spaces, and other cosmetic concerns
  • Tooth contouring or enameloplasty, a conservative way to precisely reshape teeth 
  • Professional tooth whitening to lift even stubborn stains (quickly from our office with laser “power” whitening or gradually, from the comfort of home, with custom whitening trays)
  • Gum contouring or gingivoplasty to address concerns associated with the appearance of the gum line 

Dr. Hoppe can also determine if the cosmetic concerns are caused by oral health problems requiring restorative treatment; for instance, stains may actually be areas of decay. Dr. Hoppe’s restorations are both natural-looking and strong. Love the look of your smile again, or maybe for the first time! Call our Eaton Rapids, MI office today at (517) 667-7066 to schedule your one-of-a-kind smile consultation and makeover. 

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