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We support cavity repair, and conservative treatment with highly cosmetic, tooth-like fillings

The office of Douglas Hoppe DDS takes great pride in supporting the oral health needs of individuals and their families in Eaton Rapids and across central Michigan. These needs may range from cosmetic smile improvements to restorative treatments that resolve underlying health problems. Tooth-colored composite fillings combine elements of both cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative dentistry. So, in performing this painless, precise, and straightforward treatment, we can both ease symptoms like heightened tooth sensitivity and bring back the confidence-boosting beauty of the affected tooth! 

Tooth-colored fillings for aesthetic cavity repair

All treatments start with accurate diagnoses. Dr. Hoppe blends his substantive expertise with cutting-edge technologies, such as digital x-rays and dental lasers, with his friendly demeanor and considerable knowledge of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Using advanced tools, he can detect even smaller cavities that might otherwise have been missed with earlier-generation technologies. Likewise, Dr. Hoppe can rule out cavities that, with lesser tools, may have been erroneously identified as areas of decay. Generally, the less dental work we do, the better! Conservative treatments support the preservation of natural tooth structure and a more natural feel and appearance, and healthy, long-term function. 

Dental fillings may be appropriate for those patients with smaller cavities. A cavity is an eroded part of the tooth. A hole can form due to the process of tooth decay. Dr. Hoppe expertly applies a dental material, such as tooth-colored composite resin, to “fill in” the cavity. In turn, the material replaces the lost tooth structure. All of this is performed on a tooth that has been numbed and cleaned. So you won’t feel anything, and your tooth gets a fresh start! Since the color of the resin “mimics” tooth structure, the filling blends in beautifully with the surrounding tissue and neighboring teeth. Furthermore, as an alternative to silver-colored amalgam fillings, composite is metal-free. It may be an appropriate option for patients with metals sensitivities or concerned about adverse reactions to the metals in dental amalgam.To learn more about what to expect at every step in the process, and your options for potential treatment, schedule a visit with Dr. Hoppe. Call (517) 667-7066 to reach our office in Eaton Rapids, MI, today.

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