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The power of preventive services, sealants protect teeth from cavities, put the brakes on the decay progress

The office of Dr. Douglas Hoppe takes great pride in our ability to keep generations of families in Eaton Rapids and across Mid-Michigan laughing and smiling! We do so with a blend of proactive and non-judgmental care and the latest techniques and technologies. And healthy habits are ideally established early in childhood, and some professional preventative services are appropriate for both pediatric and more “seasoned” patients alike. Additionally, easy and effective dental sealants are also suitable for all sorts of patients, including those concerned about tooth sensitivity. In fact, due to the nature of sealants, these thin protective coverings actually improve and prevent sensitivity by resolving and protecting against its leading causes: enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Dental sealants 

The back chewing teeth have grooved, pitted, and fissured surfaces that tend to trap food debris, which promotes the development of sticky bacterial plaque. Acidic plaque and its stubborn, hardened form (tartar) are destructive; they contribute to tooth decay. Without treatment, decay can erode the teeth and produce holes in cavities. If allowed to further progress, a tooth may be lost. Dr. Hoppe may apply sealants to the chewing surface to keep these vulnerable pre-molars and molars healthy. 

When applied precisely, painlessly, and safely by Dr. Hoppe, the sealant presents a quick, easy, affordable, and effective way to “seal out” harmful substances. It may even promote the remineralization of teeth with early-stage enamel erosion. After the teeth are cleaned and dried, the sealant material is simply brushed on and “cured” or hardened with a special light-based device. These materials hold up well with a strong bond between sealant and tooth. 

For added peace of mind, we can check that the sealants are in good condition during routine dental check-ups (exams and cleanings). They also provide a conservative, economical, and convenient alternative to treatments designed to restore teeth that have sustained damage from severe dental disease. In fact, the CDC reports that children with dental sealants are three times more likely to have cavity-free, healthy teeth than their peers who have not undergone this straightforward, preventive procedure. Sealants aren’t just for the kiddos, either. Older patients can also benefit, especially as new risk factors for decay may develop over time.

Call (517) 667-7066 to schedule an appointment with our team at Douglas Hoppe DDS at our office in Eaton Rapids, MI, today. With preventative care (like sealants), we can help you and your loved ones avoid the costs, time, and trauma associated with damage to the teeth and mouth and the treatments required to regain and sustain healthy, lovely smiles. In fact, most of these services are 100% covered by insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! When you call, be sure to ask about our affordable in-house savings plans. 

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It does not matter if you are seeking preventive dental care in the form of a teeth cleaning and exam or more intensive dental care like a root canal or dental emergency. Douglas Hoppe DDS is here to make sure you get the care you need. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (517) 667-7066.

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