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Fighting dental fear, supporting your best dental experience with relaxing sedation

At Douglas Hoppe DDS, your comfort and experience are our priority. As extended members of our “dental family” in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, our patients quickly grow to know, trust us, and become comfortable with our team – so much so that they refer their friends and family to us. No detail has been left unconsidered at our office, from the amenities that help you feel at “home” to the investment in technologies and training that further support our kind and skilled team’s ability to care for you in a precise, safe, and painless manner. 

Nitrous oxide represents one of our many onsite capabilities or “helpers.” It is an important “ally” in our fight against dental fear and anxiety. “Dentophobia” is common. We appreciate that many of our patients may have had negative experiences at other offices or with other types of medical providers. Additionally, it is not uncommon for certain sights, sounds, smells, and sensations to “trigger” apprehension or fear. We work closely with patients to pinpoint their triggers or sources of anxiety. From there, we can minimize or eliminate concerns that can stand in the way of the professional care you need to support a healthy, attractive smile. 

As needed, nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”) may be recommended to aid in putting your fears or anxieties at ease. This relaxing gas is administered non-invasively and quickly via a small nasal mask. The effects from laughing gas take hold quickly and leave your system just as rapidly due to the neutralizing effect of oxygen. In turn, this light form of dental sedation is safe for both pediatric and adult patients alike. It is also convenient; since the effects from the gas do not cause lingering drowsiness, you can drive yourself to and from our office without having to arrange for someone to drive you here and back to your home. 

Patients undergoing long or complex procedures or having other challenges getting the routine care they need (such as a bad gag reflex) may also benefit from nitrous oxide-assisted treatment. We welcome any concerns or questions you may have about an upcoming visit. Call (517) 667-7066 today to speak with one of our non-judgmental, warm, and skilled team members in Eaton Rapids, MI.

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