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A lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles starts with preventative dentistry

Douglas Hoppe DDS appreciates that the best dental problem is the one that doesn’t happen! In turn, preventive dentistry is very much the heart and soul of our practice in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. And consistent home care and professional dental services are foundational to preventative dental care. When patients maintain good brushing and flossing at home and professional check-ups and cleanings, they partner with us to protect their healthy and attractive smiles. You cannot have one without the other. 

A proactive approach 

Too many times, patients visit the dentist when toothaches arise. This is reactive dentistry. Reactive dentistry identifies existing problems and restores oral health with time-consuming, costly, and aggressive treatments – like extractions and bridges, dentures, and implants. 

Proactive dentistry represents an affordable (often 100% covered by insurance), comfortable, and efficient way to support a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our services focus on preventing or quickly resolving the two leading causes of tooth loss, dental decay and periodontal or gum disease before they cause irreversible damage. As progressive conditions, there are opportunities for us to conservatively, quickly, painlessly, and affordably put the brakes on early-stage enamel erosion or gingival inflammation.

Derailing decay 

Billions of microbes live in our mouths. They are constantly reproducing and thriving off the starches and sugars in foods and beverages. If we do not consistently brush and floss to remove these substances, destructive bacterial plaque forms and builds up on the teeth. Once plaque has hardened into tartar, it can only be removed by professionals like our skilled dental hygienists. During these professional cleanings, we can also advise on oral care products and techniques that are best for your situation and are tailored to your needs.   

Prevailing over periodontal disease 

Abrasive and porous, tartar or plaque build-up collects above and underneath the gum line. Without appropriate interventions, the gums may become inflamed and irritated. Early-stage gingivitis can progress to advanced gum disease or periodontitis. In its earlier stages, we can halt the progression of the disease and even reverse its effects to heal the tissues that surround, support, and protect your teeth. 

Your oral exam

In addition to professional cleaning, your dental check-up includes a comprehensive exam. Dr. Hoppe discusses medical changes that can impact oral health; for instance, hundreds of chronic diseases and medications cause dry mouth, a risk factor for tooth decay. Additionally, x-rays and other diagnostic tools can be utilized to identify underlying issues that may not be visible through a simple visual examination. These routine appointments are not complete without oral cancer screenings. Dr. Hoppe uses his know-how and technologies to pinpoint abnormalities early and non-invasively. Since we are on the front lines of conditions like oral cancer, our services can truly be life-saving. 

During regular check-ups, Dr. Hoppe may also recommend additional preventative services — ranging from dental sealants (to protect decay-prone back teeth) to custom oral appliances such as mouthguards and bite splints that prevent damage caused by blows to the face during sports or from chronic teeth grinding. 

We won’t know what is best for you and your situation until we have a chance to look inside your mouth and get to know you and some of your potential risks for things like gum disease. Schedule your check-up today by calling our Eaton Rapids, MI office at (517) 667-7066. 

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It does not matter if you are seeking preventive dental care in the form of a teeth cleaning and exam or more intensive dental care like a root canal or dental emergency. Douglas Hoppe DDS is here to make sure you get the care you need. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (517) 667-7066.

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