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Restorative dentistry to the rescue!

We believe everyone deserves a smile that exudes health and confidence

First and foremost, the kind and talented team at Douglas Hoppe DDS is focused on maintaining the oral health of individuals and their family members from Eaton Rapids and across our corner of Mid-Michigan. Dr. Hoppe works with patients of all ages to preserve their natural teeth, health, and confidence that accompanies an attractive smile. Sometimes, preservation requires restoration

Damaged teeth and tissues must be restored to their healthy appearance and function. If natural teeth can’t be fixed, we have many options for tooth replacement, too. Likewise, restorative dentistry may be just what our doctor orders for patients with diseased, deteriorated, or lost oral tissues; for instance, receding gums or disordered jaw joints (associated with symptoms of TMJ dysfunction). A Pankey Dental Institute-trained dentist and University of Michigan dental school alumnus, Dr. Hoppe is well-versed in and remains on the cutting-edge of the latest techniques and technologies to treat badly damaged or diseased teeth and gums and to fill gaps in your smile where teeth used to be. 

Dental restorations 

When dentists talk about restorations, they generally refer to dental materials prepared, shaped, and placed to rebuild portions of damaged teeth. These materials include dental composites or resin, ceramics such as porcelain, and metals. Sometimes, a combination of ceramics and metals is used to restore your broken or damaged teeth. These materials are fashioned into everything from fillings (for smaller cavities) to inlay and onlay services (for a larger cavity or area of decay). We can even replicate the structure of a natural tooth crown with modern, aesthetic, and strong materials. These dental crowns fit over the natural tooth structure, which has been given a “clean slate” by Dr. Hoppe (diseased or damaged tissues are removed, and the tooth is reshaped). 

Replacement teeth also fall under the category of restorative dentistry. Conventional forms of tooth replacement include dental bridges and dentures. These prosthetic teeth are held in place by neighboring anchor teeth or natural suction or denture adhesive. We are also happy to discuss options to replace teeth with dental implant(s). An implant-retained crown, bridge, or denture is designed like the structure of a natural tooth – with an artificial root (the implant). The attached prosthetic is well-stabilized once the implant has been placed and secured in the jawbone. Plus, implants are an ideal way to prevent or halt the progression of destructive bone loss, which occurs following tooth loss when teeth are not replaced promptly. 

Thinking beyond the teeth

Your mouth is the sum of many parts. The health of the teeth also depends on the health of surrounding, supportive tissues like the gums. So, Dr. Hoppe may also restore the gingival tissues that protect your teeth and “frame” your smile. Therapies might include everything from a “deep cleaning” with scaling and root planing to gum contouring. Additionally, oral appliances such as bite splints may address imbalances with other parts of the mouth and face, such as the jaw joints associated with TMJ disorders and symptoms like tension headaches.

All treatment starts with a visit to Dr. Hoppe at our Eaton Rapids, MI office. Call (517) 667-7066 to begin the process toward a complete, dazzling smile and a renewed outlook and quality of life. 

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