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A dramatic, economical, and fast smile boost with dental bonding

You can enter the office of Douglas Hoppe DDS, Eaton Rapids, Michigan, with stubbornly stained, gapped, chipped, and otherwise “imperfect teeth” and leave with a set of white, evenly-spaced, and beautifully-balanced teeth. How can this be possible? The “magic” is in dental bonding. Not only can bonding be completed in one visit, but it does not cost you a fortune. In fact, bonding is considered an economical, tooth-preserving, conservative, and painless alternative to porcelain veneers to dramatically enhance the smile’s appearance. For this reason, bonding is also known as “direct veneers,” whereas porcelain veneers are called “indirect veneers.” 

The process 

As its name suggests, direct veneers involve directly applying a dental material to the front surfaces of teeth that have sustained cosmetic imperfections, such as:

  • Wear and tear 
  • Poor shape 
  • Uneven spacing 
  • Short or worn-down teeth 

Dr. Hoppe prepares a composite resin material. So, it blends in with the color and other characteristics of the rest of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. With direct veneers or bonding, no tooth structure (enamel) is removed. Instead, the tooth is slightly abraded and conditioned to ensure the strongest bond with the composite. Dr. Hoppe’s artistry really shines as he molds the pliable resin material to cover up the chip, excess space, or other cosmetic concerns. Once the desired result is achieved, Dr. Hoppe hardens the putty-like resin to the tooth. The tooth is polished, and our patients smile proudly! 

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During your appointment, Dr. Hoppe may discuss alternatives to bonding. For instance, porcelain or indirect veneers may be preferred – even though they are more expensive and require at least two visits and the removal of some natural tooth structure. Both types of veneers are generally used to correct the same cosmetic concerns; however, porcelain veneers are made in an outside lab. The material is not directly applied to the tooth. To ensure the veneer fits the tooth properly, minimal enamel is removed. For many patients, the additional investment of time and money is worth it. Porcelain imitates the appearance and durability of natural tooth enamel exceptionally well. Plus, porcelain is known to resist stains. So, you enjoy a natural smile boost that lasts for many years. 

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